Over the years, Erin has recognized that there is often an underlying theme when she’s working with different individuals or organizations. Namely, many times people just need a little help refining their vision, identifying the gaps in their current work, or figuring out how to achieve their goals. Erin and her team have designed a few different services to help people gain some clarity in their work.


Erin has encountered so many different solopreneurs, recent graduates, or organizations who have an idea of what they want to do but need to talk it out with someone who is knowledgeable about the field. Our coaching program can help you refine and clarify your vision, uncover strengths, and outline goals. The program is flexible and set on a sliding scale.

Assessment and Analysis

Inviting in an objective perspective can make a world of difference when trying to identify the existing gaps or blind spots in your food systems work. We can conduct an assessment and analysis and provide you with a report outlining how to address those gaps and blind spots.


If you already have clarity around your mission and know your gaps, we can start on developing a strategy for achieving your goals by creating action plans.

Contact Erin for more information or to design a customized quote.