When you’re ready to dive into the wonderful messiness that ensues when creating change, you will need someone who can help you through the process. Erin and her team are experienced in developing and leading projects, providing facilitation and process design, weaving networks, and planning events.

Project Leadership

Erin has developed and led many different projects within the food systems world. Whether you are planning a future project or need a helping hand for an existing project, Erin and her team can step in to advise in developing the goals and workplan for the project and then managing it to completion.


Erin is a seasoned facilitator with experience working in multi-sector collaborations within the food system. Facilitating is one of Erin’s favorite things to do – she loves designing effective processes and meetings, as well as seeing a group build trust as they work together over time as they make progress towards their collective goal.  Erin and her team can provide long-term process facilitation or short-term meeting facilitation, depending on the needs of the group.

Network Weaving

Erin is also a natural network weaver, helping to connect organizations and individuals so that they can work together. One of the benefits you gain from working with Erin is her connections across the New England region (and beyond) in the food system world. She often can make key introductions to similar-minded organizations.

Event Planning

Crafting effective experiences can be transformational in food systems work. Bringing together all the players in your food system sector can provide insights and training that can elevate the work of individuals and organizations. Erin and her team are seasoned conference planners and can help you design the right kind of experience for your attendees. Logistics, outreach, workshop development – you name it, we have done it before.

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